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Excavaciones Covas is a company specialised in excavations & demolitions in Mallorca. Our office is in the town of Porto Petro, and we carry out work over the whole island of Mallorca. we have more than 25 years of experience in the excavation and earthmoving sector, which makes our extensive knowledge and the quality of our services highly valued by all our clients.

Our Services

We specialise in work, related to land preparation as well as excavation and drilling, and offer a wide range of services:

  • All types of earthworks, as well as compacting and levelling.
  • Excavation services in general, emptying of basements, earthworks, etc.
  • Demolition of all types of buildings including the removal of all the rubble.
  • Drilling, including drilling of wells.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of septic tanks.
  • Clearing of land.
  • Construction/ refurbishments.
  • Boreholes
  • Ditch regeneration work in both public and private works
  • River embankment creation tasks.
  • Buying and selling of properties (see our sister company, 360 mallorca property, here)

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Whatever your your demolition or construction question is, Excavaciones covas is the answer!

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